Who We Are
In 2003 the elders of the Melber Church of Christ decided to get involved in benevolent work and started actively collecting goods and funds to better support two groups in Nashville -- Healing Hands International and Church of Christ Disaster Relief Agency. This work led to bigger things, and shortly thereafter one of the Melber elders, Aaron Adams, purchased a large building and made it available for collection and storage. As the work grew it came to the attention of the family of the late Roy M. and Dessie Lowe of Lowes, KY. The good work that was being done appealed to the generosity of the family, and in 2005 the beautiful building that once served as the Lowe Funeral Home was donated to the group. Shortly thereafter, a call to meet was sent out to congregations of the church of Christ across Western Kentucky, and at the first meeting there was virtually unanimous agreement to accept the building and start fundraising. The elders at Melber readily agreed to the oversight of the work, and at the next meeting a few weeks later many names were discussed, but the overwhelming favorite was Bread of Life, suggested by Ryan Scherer, youth minister at Seven Oaks Church of Christ in Mayfield.
In 2010 a Constitution was drafted and ratified.The Bread of Life Effort operates under the governance of a Board of Directors made up of leaders from churches of Christ.